Technical Support

R.G. Medical Supplies - NSW (RGMED) has partnered with BestMed for support, the BestMed group includes Medihost (dedicated medical only secure hosting for professional medical websites) and BestMed support, technical support for medical IT issues including basic PC tech support and medical equipment technical problems including stand alone devices and PC connected devices.  The priority support number is 0488 159 195 and can be called between 8am and 9pm Mon-Sat Sunday calls are all charged at the top rate, see rates table below.

If you have any issues with your software purchased fromRGMED or from another source and you would like us to fix the issues or train you remotely then click the blue icon below and choose "Run" twice. When the support program is up and running call our support center for one of our technicians to help you over the phone.  Call 02 4337 8199 during normal office hours 9-5pm Mon-Fri, call BestMed priority support after hours for urgent technical support, charges may apply.

TeamViewer for Remote Support Remote Support

Online Support rates
Hours Warranty * Non-Warranty
 9am-5pm Mon-Fri $0 $45+GST (30min blocks)
Normal After hours Mon-Sat $30+GST (30min blocks) $65+GST (30min blocks)
9pm-8am 7 days (all day Sunday) $55+GST (30min blocks) $125+GST (30min blocks)

Please note calling the priority support number during office hours may default to the after hours rates, please use the RGMED office number during normal office hours to avoid paying higher service charges. Prices shown are for each block of time shown or part thereof, i.e. during 9-5 M-F for 40mins the charge will be $65+GST.  Warranty rates imply that the product was purchased from R.G. Medical Supplies - NSW, if you are not an RGMED customer then the non-warranty rates will apply unless otherwise arranged with your supplier.

On-site Support & Training
Hours Warranty * Non-Warranty
 9am-5pm Mon-Fri $0 $65+GST (30min blocks)
Normal After hours Mon-Sat $45+GST (30 min blocks) $95+GST (30 min blocks)
9pm-8am 7 days (all day Sunday) $85+GST (30 min blocks) $145+GST (30 min blocks)

On-site support time may include travel time as part of the basic charges, choosing a support time slot that coincides with other support calls may reduce your fee and therefore flexible support time requests may benefit your overall costs.

Rural travel is charged at a flat rate, again flexible support times will aid to reduce overall support costs for rural customers, depending on demand set days may be available in your area to reduce your travel basic charge to a very low cost, please enquire about travel dates if you would like to book in for this service.

* Warranty means warranty issue, training within warranty is not a warranty issue, warranty problems do not include customers PC's that are not configured correctly unless the installation was performed by R.G. Medical Supplies - NSW and there is a problem with the installation carried out by RGMED, contracted IT support (customer initiated) that make changes that break your equipment are not warranty related services. Contracted IT support staff that call RGMED for assistance with installation will be charged at applicable non-warranty remote support rates, this may be charged to either the IT support or the client as requested.

A Note on Privacy and Security.

This support software is used by millions of people worldwide and is completely secure, the software is also installation free which means no changes are made to your PC.  We don't leave behind any registry changes that can alter the use of your PC, the software is only available for us to connect when its running and you provide us with your ID. The executable download is just under 4Mb and confirms your agreement to run it twice before running.