Terms & Conditions

Author: Peter Clarke

EASY ORDER- Replenish your medical supplies today with R.G. Medical Supplies – NSW. You can phone, fax, post or order online and we will deliver direct to your door.

SCHEDULED LINES - Any order placed with R.G. Medical Supplies - NSW containing scheduled items is subject to verification that you are authorised to obtain these items and such orders placed containing restricted goods may not be accepted. In accordance with the supply of scheduled goods policies as provided by the NSW Department of Health we will continually verify a customer’s status and eligibility to obtain scheduled goods as required.  At this stage only accounts for which we have received a copy of a valid/current medical board registration card or centres which have obtained a scheduled drugs license will be able to view the products in the restricted categories. 

WAYS TO PAY- There are many ways to pay at R.G. Medical Supplies – NSW, so choose the method that best suits you. We accept most major credit cards at time of order such as Diners, MasterCard, Visa & American Express, EFT, Direct Deopist, Money Order, Cheque or pay cash in person. All you need to know is that all accounts are strictly net 30 days from date of invoice. American Express and Diners Club cards are only accepted for payment at time of order (to make this easier your credit card details may be stored online with SecurePay and triggered for payment only when goods are due to leave the warehouse) MasterCard, Visa for on time account payments only. Credit card payments will not be accepted for overdue accounts. R.G Medical Supplies-NSW reserves the right to put customers on stop supply if the account is overdue.

ACCOUNT APPLICATIONS- All new accounts will be required to fill out and return the account application form enclosed, regardless of the desired payment method. We reserve the right to reject any application and or to close accounts at any time if terms and conditions are breached. If scheduled drugs are to be supplied at any stage of ordering the doctors current medical board registration needs to be attached to the account application form before supply is given. Where scheduled items are to be supplied to a multiple doctor practice the principle doctors name must also appear on the invoice (these conditions are law as defined by the NSW Department of Health “Supply of restricted substances for therapeutic use”).

CLAIMS AND RETURNS POLICY- All claims relating to incorrect supply, short expiry or transport damage are to be made within 7 days from the invoice date. All other claims will be considered on merit. Returns must be approved by our customer service staff before returning. If approval is not given the return will not be accepted for credit. All returned goods must contain a return number that will be given at time of approval and must be returned in original packaging. In certain cases restocking fees may apply. Returns of refrigerated items will not be accepted if the “cold chain” cannot be assured.

PRICE LIST DISCLAIMER- R.G. Medical Supplies-NSW will strive to maintain our prices over the life of our price list. However forces beyond our control, like exchange rates, may cause our prices to vary. Rest assured we will always deliver everyday low prices. Whilst every care is taken to ensure accuracy in price lists, we reserve the right to change incorrect prices resulting from printing or typographical error. All items in the price list supplied have been include in good faith on the basis that the goods, as described, will be available at the time of sale. A failure by supplier to deliver in accordance with sample, description, not at all or other unintentional causes may result in some lines being unavailable.

GST- GST is not included in the advertised price. Items to which GST does not apply are usually indicated as GST FREE or GST Exempt.

FREIGHT CHARGES – Please see the freight changes section.